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Zephyrus S Gx531- GS issues.

Level 7
Hello all! I am not sure this is the correct thread, but i believe my laptop has a fried motherboard. I was launching GTA 5, when my laptop suddenly shut off with a pop sound. After that, it did not turn on. I thought maybe it was the charger, so I ordered a new one. The battery and ON led lights are on, but nothing else. The laptop also has a burning smell to it. So, I took apart my laptop and I found that something blew up near the Gpu. Previous past: it was never over locked, ran in mostly cool conditions with a laptop fan pad, reapplied thermal paste about 5 months ago and changed the ssd after three months, and I used an esd strap when necessary. There are no signs of thermal paste seeping onto the MB. (Also, this laptop was connected to a surge protector, if that helps). Specs are GTX-1070 max-Q, I7-8750H,16GB of ram, 1TB of ram. I bought this back in March 2019 and I am out of warranty unfortunately. I thought it would be helpful to give you all some background of the laptops life and what potentially caused this issue. Any suggestions on what I can do? Is a repair even possible? A replacement board seems to run around $750-$850 usd, so I think that options out. Should I just part it out? Thank you!