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Zephyrus s gx502gw likely gpu issue

Level 7

So my laptop boots up fine but when it is about to show windows login my monitors becomes black ie goes into standby. I am able to boot into safe mode and believe the culprit is my gpu. I have uninstalled and reinstalled old and latest drivers for the gpu in both safe mode and normal mode but to no avail, my screen also goes off at the windows login screen. So my fix to actually make the laptop usable is to boot into safe mode and disable the gpu in device manager which allows me to login the usual way into Windows. I have had to phyiscally disconnect the laptop display as I believe it's dead, no picture coming through it at all and if I leave it connected to the MB, my external monitor doesn't show anything either. The external monitor is hdmi at fhd. With the gpu disabled I am able to use the laptop as usual but am unable to play any games as the gpu is not active. As soon as the gpu is enabled the screen goes blank and I have to restart into safe mode again and disable the gpu or recover lappy by restoring it before I enabled the gpu. I am unable to access the nvidia control panel to check any settings on there too. Very frustrating with this bloody issue. I hope the gpu isn't dead but it certainly feels that way.