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Zephyrus M16 4080 dGPU Bending Color Gradation Problem Persist Still.

Level 9

Desktop Screenshot 2023.11.03 -

(This post is not about Alienware M16, the above image is the demonstration of color gradation probelm on ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS M16 2023 GU604VZ)

M16 2023 is updated to latest bios and the Asus System Control Interface v3

When I had Strix G18, I had this same exact issue when Asus System Control Interface v3 rolled out. I posted on Strix Forum back when the problem occured (

Now I sold G18 and got M16 instead, and I didn't notice this problem until I turned on the MUX switch(Ultimate mode) to play the cyberpunk2077.

The problem still exists and it exists on a different model.

Is this just a 8bit color depth issue?

Or is this legitimate problem on Asus System Control Interface issue?