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Zephyrus M16 4070/4080

Level 7

What seems to be the general consensus around choosing a Zephyrus M16 with a 4070 vs a 4080. I know the power limits of the laptop make the 4090 probably not worth the money, but does the 4080 still perform markedly better than the 4070 with the power and thermal limitations? This may be a non starter conversation given the fact that the 4070 version has been going on some decent sales lately and that may push me over the edge vs waiting on the 4080.  The only other factor is they don't make the 4070 with the mini-LED screen, but the 4080 version has it.  Does anyone have first hand experience with the mini-LED version of the screen that would think it's worth possibly waiting for a sale on the 4080 version? Maybe black friday? Just some thoughts and questions. Definitely going to be biting the bullet on an M16 in the next few weeks/months either way.