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Zephyrus GX701GWR - ROG Key for Armoury Crate

Level 7
Hi All,

I'm experiencing issues with ROG Key, according to the users manual it should only be pressed once for the Armoury Crate app to pop up, but most of the times I have to press it twice and fast in order for it to open, and rarely a few times there is no response at all.

Armoury Crate App ver.
Bios ver. 306

Anyone here having the same issue? Not sure if this is normal, this is my first ROG laptop 🙂


Level 8
Hi, I have a Zephirus GW701GW, Most of ASUS app not work, I have write to Asus Support, the first response is to download and upgrade the APP (but are updated with MyASUS), after GameFirstV is ever to use a CPU and the FAN is ever run at max!!
The ASUS support after my report, is to reset Windows.
Now, I have follow the step and restore Windows with "recovery" Windows panel, and to remove all files. After restart, the ASUS App are just installed.
After some update…

Armoury create continue to not open.
Game First continue to use on core to max.

- After Reset this APP Work correctly:
Sonic Studio III

- this APP work correctly after and before:
My Asus
Game Visual