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Zephyrus GX701 - Battery and USB-C/DP port no longer working

Level 7
I'm hoping someone else knows some information on this issue I'm experiencing. I own a Zephyrus GX701 from mid-2019.

As of a couple of weeks ago my battery stopped charging entirely. I see 0% in both Windows and Linux (Fedora) for the battery, with "Not Charging" stated. At the same time that this stopped charging, the USB-C/DP port that I was using for my external monitor stopped working. Has anyone experienced such a thing happening with their laptop? I'm worried that the battery is needed for this specific USB-C/DP port to work, I believe this port is also used for Power Delivery. Before trying to replace the battery however, I wanted to make sure this isn't a potential motherboard/circuit issue. Assuming this is a battery specific problem, do people have a trusted battery supplier for ASUS laptops?

If no one has experienced this exactly, does anyone know if there is any documentation that specifically discusses the motherboard components in relation to each other? Not necessarily a circuit diagram, but maybe that would help.

Thanks to everyone in advance!