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zephyrus gx501vik lost my undervolting

Level 7
well my gx501vik automaticly update to bios 313 and now i basically have a brick i can no longer undervolt and because of this when playing on my 34" screen the temp rise in the 94degrees and i get studder and yes i did a repaste allready before with a -.125 undervolt i would never touch 90 degrees so i am verry piss off , first it was the battery swelling and now that , this is my last intel and asus laptop (i know asus does not give a **** about my complaint but i had to write it somewhere )
i try to downgrade to the bios 311 witch it work but everytime i restart it automaticly reinstall the 313 bios and if i go turn off the automatic update in registry well my bleutooth device are missing driver and cannot update tem ..........
sorry for my desapointment have a nice day everyone
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Level 10
Hello thejebronie,
Please kindly understand that the BIOS update is necessary in order to protect your device.
Please also send your device to service center so we can have a overall checking for the heating issue.
Thank you.