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Zephyrus G16 running while lid closed

Level 7

I got this laptop partly so I could use it for work during the day time. Long story short I had like 10 tabs open on chrome and put the laptop in my backpack. Came back to it 30 minutes later and you could’ve baked a cake with how hot it was in there and my battery drained like 30%. What do I do to fix this so that the laptop isn’t running while lid closed. Also why are fans turning on if all I’m using is chrome?


Level 8

For the laptop to go into sleep mode while the lid is closed, check this:

As for the fans, the default 'Balanced' fan curve is very aggressive. Use 'Silent' or make a custom fan curve. You can also try setting CPU power limits to see if that makes any difference in your case.

Armoury Crate isn't too great to manage all these things so consider giving G-helper a go. I'm not a fan of such 3rd party software myself and would rather prefer to use manufacturer's software, but in this case, it's well justifiable to remove AC and use G-helper instead. That's what I did after struggling with AC for a week trying to comprehend how to control everything and what I can actually control.