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Zephyrus G16 2023 or 2024?

Level 7

Hello everyone, I’m in a tough position to choose between the Zephyrus G16 2023 or the 2024 Zephyrus G16.

I live in Saudi Arabia and well there isn’t a lot of variants of the Zephyrus G16 in retail stores.

There’s the 2024 all white one w/ Intel Core Ultra 9 CPU and a RTX 4070 with the OLED display 240Hz and 32 gigs of soldered RAM

and then there’s the 2023 all black model with the Intel i7 13620H with an RTX 4060 and less appealing screen and 16 Gigs of soldered RAM

The price difference between the two is 3700 Riyal or 987$, and usually it takes 4 months if not a whole year until the better models hit the stores.

My college course is computer engineering with AI sprinkled on the side, I’m I missing on the NPU in the 2024 model?

The 2024 has an OLED screen and I heard it has good color accuracy which for me isn’t a big deal, I have played games and powered through a 45% NTSC panel with horrible color gamut.

Is the i7 13620H a good CPU? I owned a ROG Strix w/ an i7 9750H and I remember undervolting it was a tedious process, is it the same with this 13th gen i7 or is it impossible?

What about maintenance between the two, which one requires more maintenance? In terms of battery life which is important to me, which one is better? I don’t have any other options between those two as newer models take ages to arrive here, thank you!