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Zephyrus G15 GA503QR - Sleep Mode NOT WORKING

Level 8
My notebook won't go to sleep mode. Only display is turning off but everything is running - fan and ssd.

I suspect its something related with ASUS firmware. I read that somebody have the same problem but if turn to "Windows mode" in Armoury Crate then the laptop is properly going to sleep mode.
But I tried everything even when I fully reinstall Windows and tried sleep mode on the clear system its the same.
How to find what is the reason now ?

Level 7

I had bought the ASUS g15 of 2021, I had the same problem. I switched to the 2022, still the same problem. I have always had asus products but now I will stop with this brand.

Level 7

This is probably a Windows/Microsoft issue as it happens across most (all) partners.  Likely something to do with the change from S3 sleep to S0.

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Level 10

Try this and let me know if any issues etc. (patch for Modern sleep)

Clean and removes everything if uninstalled

Its still being worked on so feedback would be great