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Zephyrus G15 Fan Spin Up

Level 7
Sometimes, when I start my laptop, the fans spin up full blast, even though I've just started Windows 10. This is a brand new G15. Advice? It is extremely loud.

So far, the best solution is to just reboot. This is a drag, so I'm hoping that ASUS has a solution...

Level 7
Had mine for about a month and haven't noticed that. What mode to you keep it in? I leave mine in Turbo. What is driving me crazy is the keyboard lighting. I'm not a 20something that has to have RGB everywhere. When I first got my G15 I set it to all red to match my mouse and external keyboard but sometimes it reverts back to color cycle. I then go into Armory Crate to set it back and AC just keeps crashing. I've uninstalled/installed a few times now.