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Zephyrus G15 CPU power throttling

Level 7

Im experiencing a problem with the 2022 G15 where in some games the CPU frequently throttles. It shows up on HWINFO as a sudden surge in all 3 power limits where they simultaneously go up above 100% and then back down (PPT FAST, PPT SLOW, and STAPM limits). This doesnt happen in all games, and it does not happen when i try stress testing both CPU and GPU at the same time, which i think excludes a hardware fault. 

The issue is not related to thermals, it happens even when temps are low on both CPU and GPU. It also happens even if i try turning off turbo boost and running the CPU on base clock, not using up too much power. 

Peculiarly, when it comes to the games in which this occurs, I noticed that the problem mostly goes away when i turn *up* the settings to the max. Maybe it has something to do with utilization? I’m not sure how to deal with this honestly. Red dead redemption 2 is a game in which i was not experiencing problems, however i tried lowering the settings and i was able to get it to throttle. Same throttling scenario and same limits being reached on HWINFO. If anyone has any insights it would be greatly appreciated.