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Zephyrus G14 2022 Ultimate GPU Mode (dGPU only) doesn't work properly. iGPU won't shut down

Level 7

tldr: my 2022 g14 doesn't turn off the iGPU when selecting Ultimate GPU Mode in Armoury Crate (aka dGPU only mode). This leads to 10-30W more power consumption while gaming, less fps, louder fans and louder coil whine.

I am extremely suprised that i can find only 2 threads on reddit with that problem and it has 1 upvote and nobody seems to care.

I just noticed that selecting the Ultimate GPU Mode (which should in theory disable the iGPU completely and run the laptop display only on your dGPU) won't turn the iGPU off completely, the laptop display is STILL driven by the iGPU. Checking HWInfo or MSI Afterburner RTSS or even AMD Performance Overlay i can see two GPUs. One consuming up to 80W (dGPU) and the other one consumes around 10W while idling on the desktop and consumes 30!! watts while gaming Overwatch 2(games with high fps tend to push the iGPU harder). And no this is NOT the CPU. CPU consumes 15-20 Watts while playing Overwatch and is seperate from the iGPU. Even Task Manager shows both GPUs. This leads to worse thermals, louder fans, more heat output.

So what i did: I manually disabled the iGPU in device manager and voilá: the screen goes black for half a second and ACTUALLY switches to the external gpu (even the colors look different) and now i get 310 fps instead of 250 in Overwatch 2 on the training map on the same spot.


Laptop Specs:

GA402RJ-L8116W, 16GB Ram, R7 6800HS, RX 6700S, 1440P Display