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Zephyrus Duo performance troubles.

Level 8
Hi there. Some time ago i,ve posted about issues with discrete mode on laptop, but there is a one more problem with him.
In optimus mode, in a graphical-intensive apllications, performance is a significantly lower than in discrete mode. As example, in Borderlands 3 in optimus mode fps is near 45-55 fps, with drops on fighting scenes to 30-35. In descrete mode, fps always stands on my own cap of 75 fps without any drops in any scenes. This all on equally settings, of course. Cpu\Gpu usage are 30\70% in both mods, temperature - 75-80. But fps difference is huge!

What im doind wrong with my laptop? These problems just blows my mind, i want just use it with optimus mode without rebooting pc every time when i want to use UE or playing to switch on discrete and than reboot to back optimus!

Thanks all for replys, especially to owners of other duo's 🙂

Level 10
Hello Ghaarp,
Sorry it's a bit confusing....where do you set these modes? "discrete mode" and "optimus mode"?
How about the modes in Armoury Crate?
Thank you.