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Zephyrus duo Lags,freezes, problem with ping mediatek mt7921

Level 7

I have zephyrus duo 15se. since i bought it i have problem with WIFI. I tried few drivers, win 10 win 11 so many differents settings, different routers etc (other devices didnt have any problem) spent like 20hours already on that problem. and when i need stable ping i have to use my phone connected tethering but im so tired of doing that. I heared that its hard to change wifi card since antennas are connected permanently to the card(?) and i will lose my guarantee. I find that alot of people have problem with mediatek mt7921 wifi module. I dont want to send my laptop for guarantee, im using that laptop for work and probably they will not fix it anyway since wifi is working. maybe you guys got any ideas what to do...

I didnt expected to have that kind of problem on 4k euro laptop.