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zephyrus duo 16 - worst computer i ever had.

Level 7

So how to even begin, this computer is the worst thing I ever bought. 
usually, I go with PC but now I had to travel a lot, so I got myself this so told "monster" laptop. 
4090, the newest most expensive laptop Asus has to offer.
here is a list of the problems:
1) battery is failing, computer can't turn on without its cable. 
2) sleep mode doesn't work, if computer go to sleep, he won't turn back on.
3) can't see more that 60 FPS from the HDMI (tried many 2.1 cables and many monitors)
4) super noisy
5) idling on 87 degrees
6)can't update bios because the battery is 0%
7)small screen work 50% of the time

already booted.

now I paid 4,452 USD for this trash. and no one from Asus I trying to solve this issue. 
I want my money back.