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Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023)

Level 7

About 10 days ago I purchased the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) with the 4090 RTX.

Unfortunately in about 1 to 3 times I plug the power cable, the laptop will restart.

Even if it is in sleep mode.

I have installed the latest Bios (312).

Unfortunaly I installed the BIOS day one so I have no idea if this was the cause of the issue.

But it had the 307 Bios (factory first I presume) 

Any ideas?



Level 10

did you update the drivers?  this is a known issue.  I have the same issue.  sometimes related to drivers else happens randomly all the time.  Asus has lost the plot enitrely.

Level 7

Of course I had the latest drivers.

But, I believe the solution I found is based on screens refresh rate.

I put the main monitor to keep the 240Hz rate even on battery. And somehow from that moment the laptop did't have any of that restarts when I plugged the power cable.

Also the monitor had those flickers / flashes (I dont know how to call them) when even when it was plugged. Because it chainged from the onboard gpu to the RTX. So I put it to Ultimate GPU through Armory Core and the flashes stopped.

Yeah so I know it is ok led to the refresh. However when I out line to 240 on battery it still does it. What prices did you follow to put it in 240 on battery?  

You mean how I put it on 240Hz?

I try to understand what you are saying.

If you want to keep the 240Hz on every time you go to Armory Core 2nd page and on System Configuration panel you turn off the Panel Power Saver.

As I said I am not 100% sure that this corrected the random restarts when I put the power cable but since I did it I havent any of these restarts.