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Zephyrus Duo 16 2023: Why run ASUSscreenpad2 optimizer when going to ULTIMATE?

Level 8

Why? Just why... do I always have to run ASUSscreenpPad2Optimizer.exe that I just keep on my desktop, so I get touchpad functionalities for my unresponsive secondary screen in my Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023).

Secondary screen keeps loosing responsiveness and acts as an extended area of my main screen, whenever I want to change GPU mode in armoury crate, and go to ULTIMATE, and even when I return to Standard or Optimized after that. It acts as like it doesn't load a specific process.

Other than that, ScreenExpert keeps restarting in my secondary screen and also not loading screenpad's icons. It may restart, play the fancy animation even 2 times and then loads sreenpad's icons. 

I have the Ryzen 9 AMD 7945HX processor. 


Level 11

A reason why it may be breaking when switching to Ultimate mode is that no matter what GPU mode you are on, the secondary screen (ScreenPad) is always run on the integrated GPU, the NVidia GPU has no connection to the ScreenPad. Similarly one of the USB-C ports is for NVidia, one is for the integrated GPU. So the ScreenPad Optimizer may get a little confused when one display disappears as far as the iGPU is concerned.

But it seems like it has some bugs or other issues as well. You can let your MyASUS app check for updates for it, maybe it is something that has been fixed?

I have the 2022 version and switching to Ultimate would require a reboot, getting around the breaking anyhow, so I cannot test on my side.

To go -for example- from Optimized to Ultimate through Armoury Crate, Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) needs a restart too. Then it loads without recognizing secondary screen as a seperate screen but as an extension. No touchscreen response is available too. If I run ASUSscreenpPad2Optimizer.exe it does some callibrations at the screens and then asks for a restart to apply them.

After the second restart Ultimate has a working as intended secondary full touchscreen enabled too. So what's the trick here? First time Screenpad plus display and ScreenXpert 3 doesnt recognize NVIDIA GPU in ULTIMATE mode but after the executiion of callibration and restart it does?

It seems like the drivers have some kind of Alzheimer's disease and forget to load processes in start up. Any suggestions-sollution???

Level 11

honestly its weird you getting that issue at all

this has never happened to me, it only happened a few times when ii had armoury crate and turned the 2nd screen off for extended periods