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Zephyrus DUO 16 (2023) RYZEN 7945HX -Instability, drivers mess, thermals to the roof - BIOS dead end

Level 8

After the first setup of my Zephyrus DUO 16 2023, with RYZEN 7945HX and Nvidia RTX 4080, everything is unstable. Every restart is a surprise. After BIOS update to 316 cant go back to where things could be reset and fresh install. I have made 6 fresh reset pc/installs to get my laptop together. Drivers conflict with each other, AMD Adrenaline messed things too with the display's brightness. Ultimate mode in armoury crate behaves as a new setup. My touchscreen dies (completely loses touch and region attributes) every 2nd restart, or change from e.x. Standard to Ultimate and back. 

A complete mess and lost hours full of frustration just to have an almost 5.000 euros machine in stable working state as it is supposed.

Not to mention thermals to the roof. Every game kicks in 100 degrees Celsius. Every game!!!

You must be a developer or software engineer to be able to have a working Zephyrus DUO 16...

Any solutions? Anybody else experienced this instability, especially in touchscreen and specifically in screenpad plus + armoury crate - bios mess ?


Level 9

Get rid of adrenaline.