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Zephyrus DUO 16 (2023) RYZEN 7945HX -Instability, drivers mess, thermals to the roof - BIOS dead end

Level 8

After the first setup of my Zephyrus DUO 16 2023, with RYZEN 7945HX and Nvidia RTX 4080, everything is unstable. Every restart is a surprise. After BIOS update to 316 cant go back to where things could be reset and fresh install. I have made 6 fresh reset pc/installs to get my laptop together. Drivers conflict with each other, AMD Adrenaline messed things too with the display's brightness. Ultimate mode in armoury crate behaves as a new setup. My touchscreen dies (completely loses touch and region attributes) every 2nd restart, or change from e.x. Standard to Ultimate and back. 

A complete mess and lost hours full of frustration just to have an almost 5.000 euros machine in stable working state as it is supposed.

Not to mention thermals to the roof. Every game kicks in 100 degrees Celsius. Every game!!!

You must be a developer or software engineer to be able to have a working Zephyrus DUO 16...

Any solutions? Anybody else experienced this instability, especially in touchscreen and specifically in screenpad plus + armoury crate - bios mess ?


Level 7

I have the same laptop and all of the same issues you mention. I also have random video problems which can only be fixed by a hard reset. This is the worst laptop I have ever owned. Its also by far the most expensive. The two screens are useless. ****** design will never buy asus again. 

Level 11

owned this laptop for a while now

i actually repasted the LM and replaced the thermal putty, i had a 18c variance between high and low on cpu spots and yes the cpu says 100c but thats the Tdie, that always reports higher than cores

touch screen losing region attribute i found was random with  windows and having 2nd display turned off, AMD adrenaline has a varibright option that mainly only kicks in when not in ultimate mode.

Ultimate mode has been fine for me.
Im pretty much in it permanent also i swapped to ghelper from armoury crate.

the only video problems i have had are from latest Bios 318 that recently came out

but thats mainly because i have 5600mhz ram OC'd to 5800/6000mhz and  really low timings tuned.

that causes graphical issues with IGPU but i have probably fixed it now since im still raising timings for stability.#

Bios 318 is meant to add stability and also fix wifi performance for the crappy mediatek card i have replaced with an intel wifi as it was causing many issues

Thank you very much for your answer! Can you be more specific about the problems you faced with video because of the latest bios 318, cause I think I fell onto something similar here? What kinf of problems?

As I can tell you are a man that knows how to mess with hardware, but thats not the case with 95% of people buying laptops. I show the tear down of this laptop and scared to death when a guy was messing with cables, screws and stuff to remove the pipes heating system, so he could repaste. Doesnt LM supposed to last? I mean its not thermal paste...

Another thing. Does undervolting works and also does it offer anything better to the laptop except instability if you overdo it? I mean 100 C feels like a lot, and I really need to feel safe that my DUO 16 will last some good years to come, although ASUS says, "100 C in CPU is ok, its supposed to play that way". How do I undervolt. Bios advanced or g-helper, or both?

I also have installed g-helper cause I really needed to force stop temps. But I also have AC installed. Should I uninstall it, because they may conflict and how?

These are quiet a lot of questions but your experience really helps those of us that are as new as 2 months with this kind of hardware and drivers puzzle.

the ghelper github page links to the armoury crate uninstall tool i would recommend uninstalling armoury

yes its LM and lasts but the application on mine was uneven

the graphical glitches for me are because im running ram above max technically supported and also faster that rated for, i could tune it so its stable in standard mode but in ultimate mode its fine.

basically its causing my screen to have graphical errors and glitching in standard mode. its nothing to do with bios as if the gpu was dying which isnt the case

As for the undervolting of the Zephyrus Duo 16 7945HX model, should I do something more, like negative curves in advanced section of the BIOS and how much will it be stable? Lets say 15? Is this enough? Does this affect g-helper. I mean undervolting curves in BIOS plus undervolting in g-helper???

just undervolt in ghelper -20mv is safe i use -24

There is a group on fb for diy for this laptop check them out. 

Asus rog duo group 

If you cant find it in groups ill send a link. 


just found it nothing special.

all the guides are known facts like not running your 2nd screen at full res to get mouse transition smooth
(which it does by default) unless changed.

the colour profile guide is wrong for non hdr and requires you to use armoury crate and gamevisual, notebookcheck even supplies a calibrated icm for this model for free.

touch display fix isnt special also

Guess it's not for you then. Good luck.