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Zephyrus DUO 16 2023 GPU throttling at 87 degrees

Level 10

So this has only started happening recently.  The moment i play any game and the GPU reaches 87 degrees instead of throttling, it completely cuts power to the GPU and the game falls to like 20 fps from 100 plus.  And the process repeats each time the temperature reaches there.

The only way is to restrict FPS so temperatures stay under 87.  This is at ambient room temperature of around 22 degrees and in turbo mode.


Level 11

It shouldn't be going that high in the first place

Are you choking the fans or something. Minennever even gets near 80r load

Are you talking about when gaming at full load?  This happens only when hardcore gaming.  Such as alan wake 2.  With full path tracing turned on.  Also this appears to have started with the new armory crate update.  Wasn't happening earlier.  My bet is in typical ASUS fashion the new update has been rushed out and is creating more problems than it is solving.  @Anbby_ROG can you please assist with this?

yes i did another test and im using 100% gpu utilization and a 265mhz core oc and 1000 memory oc at a room abient of like 25c+ because heating was on

it was slowing down at about 76c so about to selle in the 80c mark with OC it was lower.