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Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023) and BIOS 315

Level 9

Anybody having problems with v315 of the BIOS?

Ever since I updated the video signal out of the back hdmi port has gotten less stable, like today I've lost video output for 5 times already, and restarting windows does not fix it, you have to power it off, let it sit a bit, and power back on again.

This happens when I try to run games, it boot to desktop just fine but it doesn't last a minute in a game. Wish the changelog was 100% more precise that just 'performance improvements' which is what was noted on the 315. Going back to 312.


Level 9

Reporting after downgrading to v312, no video loss @ hdmi port so far. This started happening a couple of weeks ago and the single relevant thing I could trace it to was the bios update -which I didn't do straight away and it was released-.

Will confirm if I keep having 0 issues. BTW 312, and 311 changelog only says 'Optimize system performance'. C'mon Asus that's coding pre-school.

After a week being back to v312 with zero signal problems from the back hdmi port it's confirmed something is wrong with v315 so if anybody else is experiencing similar problems go back to 312.