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Zephyrus duo 15 XS, turbo always on

Level 7
Hello all ! I'm an happy new owner of the new Zephyrus duo 15 (XS model). I'm coming from macbook pro.

I have some troubles with cpu Turbo.

Whatever the power mode I choose (Windows balanced, ecnonmy, Asus silent / performance), the cpu is running at 4.5Ghz, so my cpu temp is a bit too high.
The utilisation is around 2%. Not so much. So the laptop is hot under, very hot (the heat is conducted everywhere in laptop)

First I disabled Asus MultiAntenna service, because it was consumming 1 core at 100%, I supposed it was the reason. If I block the turbo with throttle stop, I see the freqences go to 1200Mhz...

But as soon as I releease the throttlestop it's going back to 4.5Ghz.

Another point, it seems, but I'm not sure that I success to undervolt my 10980HK, I was thinking it wasn't possible. Did I miss something ?

If anybody could help me 🙂

Level 9
Hello baalfr76,
Please kindly PM me your SN and provide the screenshot of situation.
Thank you so much.