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what is the best method to system recover Rog zephyrus 16 duo?

Level 7


Wanted to reset my GX650PZ to "out of the box" state like in 1st start and was a little confused which of these 3 methods is the best one?

In ASUS WinRE util I have 2 options:

1) Asus Cloud Recovery. If I understand right this option for replaced SSD drive with no recovery image. Asus download windows and drivers from internet.

2) Asus Recovery - Install from recovery image on original SSD.

3) Standard Windows 11 tool "Reset PC".

After googling I found out that Windows "Reset PC" can recover system clean with all Asus preinstalled software, but looks like way #2  by Asus recovery more trusted 🙂

I tried both (2 and 3 method) to find a different. After Asus recovery (2) windows download some softwer after 1st boot like MyAsus and ScreenExpert. After Windows recovery (3) looks like they already installed with windows.

What is the correct way to get laptop clean with Asus software like out of the box? Thanks!


Level 7

Asking because I afraid to lost some Asus utils, optimizers, profiles or necessary software after wrong recovery.