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Level 7
I have a GU501GM model and it has same keyboard according to the specs comparison but I cant figure out how to get it to work..
PrtSc/SysRq key located second from top right of keyboard above numpad..
just figured it out use the windows key and prtsc/sysrq key at same time.. the sysrq side of the key I have yet to figure out


Do anyone knws if is possible enable xmp on gm501gs?

Thank you

I have a factory GU501GM from bestbuy. I do not know about them very much. I turn on after a month or so not using and windows says update. I did then windows says you need to update all software to continue for more updates. I update all ASUS from support ASUS downloads. And go back to windows. It says update ready. I install updates and am going to do flash bios? But I never get the chance. My computer resets and it starts writing it’s on programming. It says there are no files to build from? I restart and restore and reset multiple times. I call ASUS and windows. I also send diagnosis logs upload to Microsoft. ASUS says it’s windows error and vise versa. I turned on last time and it update bios itself? Then I have registry and file location errors again. I took to Geeks Squad yesterday after a week of trying to figure out how to fix with no help. I just learned how to put information into this forum today. Thank you for your help. I have GU501GM Windows 10 Home.

I own the GU502GV from Best Buy and have been experiencing an issue where the USB-C port intermittently becomes disabled. The only remedy I've found so far is to unplug and reattach the power brick. Is there a known solution for this behavior? My system is all up-to-date with respect to Bios, A-Crate and drivers. I am unable to identify or find any system setting that controls this port... it behaves as though it is simply going offline @ the hardware level.