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Upgrades for my GA402rk

Level 8

I have never owned a notebook, but I was thinking of upgrading mine a little. Here is what I was thinking. Crucial - P3 Plus 4TB possibly mess around and do a dual boot windows and some linux or Crucual P5 Plus 2tb, now can this even support the 6600 mb/s transfer/read and the 5000 mb/s write
Crucial P5 Plus 2tb has? Also, I was going to swap the ram out. I was happy when I saw this notebook shipped with a micron ssd, I have liked micron from awhile, so i was thinking of going a head and upgrading thte ram as well, what speed do this bad boy support htat will mesh wiht the 16 on board? I was thinking with going with 56-- oif it will work. Also, I have the Asus Zephyrus g14 2022 and ga402rk is the model. When I post how come I cant find an associat4ed product?


Level 8

I am about to install the P5 Plus 2TB card. Since I plan on doing video editing and picture editing I decided to go with the fastest speed. Just need some help deciding on the ram.