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Trackpad Issues - GU501

Level 7
Hi there, I've had my ROG GU501 for almost 3 months now, and everything is great except for the trackpad.

Randomly, the track pad will feel like it locks up, it basically won't accept any input. Or sometimes it'll freeze and then randomly click things.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but it doesn't seem to help. And the issues are completely random, sometimes I can go hours without encountering it, and other times I can't go 5 minutes.

Anyone else experience trackpad issues?

Level 7
Yep. I have the GX501GI and I have the same issue about the trackpad locking up at times - it has been going on since I got the laptop and no bios updates fixed it.

This is annoying for sure. I noticed it happens when I type and operate the trackpad very fast. Maybe they implemented a trackpad throttling mode (joke) 😉