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Toggle Optimus (iGPU/dGPU) during startup? (GX502)

Level 7
I have a GX502GV (Zephyrus S), which uses a firmware mux to swap between Optimus and G-Sync modes, using a toggle in Armoury Crate.

Sometimes, I have the laptop turned off and would like to boot up in a different mode -- say I was using it for games and left it in G-Sync mode before shutting down, but now want to do some light web browsing and benefit from the improved battery life of using the iGPU. As it stands, I have to boot into Windows, log in, launch Armoury Crate, change the toggle, click "Reboot Now", then wait for the whole process again before I can start using the computer. The whole process takes at least 2 minutes, which isn't *so* long, but kind of a hassle.

Is there any way to change the mode during boot, like by entering the BIOS (UEFI) menu and modifying some setting there? I just looked around, but didn't see anything obvious. (I'm on BIOS v312, which I think is the latest, if that matters.)