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The model of laptop with minimum overtheat

Level 7

Hi, guys!

Give me advice plz what model can give the lowest overheat during the work.

I don’t play games, but I rendering a lot of videos, and for me very important the level of overheat, I need stable  temperature in cpu less then 80 degrees and on video chipset less then 70 degrees.

I make a lot of research with zephyrus, strix, flow and proart models, but can’t find something to my request. 

I need only 2k resolution and 99-100% srgb on IPs display, that’s all, I don’t need powerful cpu and last series of nvidia, I’m completely sure, that i9 and nvidia 4 series anyway give big overheating to laptop.

also I rdy to undervolting cpu and video chipset if somebody tried and it give good result.

appreciate for any information! Rly tired and confused what model choose 




Level 7

Guys, need help)

Level 11

The problem with overheating is thermal throttling. A lot of modern hardware can handle 90-100 degrees before they start losing oomph (not a technical term) as they are told to create less heat. In that regard, the 2022 lineup of triple-fan computers (e.g. Flow X16, M16) have been pretty solid in benchmarks. The ZenBook Pro 16X and Zephyrus Duo are dual-fan designs, but have a raised intake (Zenbook raises the keyboard, Duo raises a second screen) that has shown great cooling capacity. For video rendering you probably want a graphics card with more VRAM, in that sense you are in luck. The 40X series of NVidia cards are pitiful in that regard, getting a 30X card, especially a Ti variant should work a little better for you. Since that would be the previous generation of laptops, you may even find a good discount.

I am less familiar with the TUF line and I am generally a little wary of the ZenBook and ProArt lines as they tend to have poor maintainability or upgradeablity (one M.2 slot or soldered RAM). Whether that is a concern for you is up to you. Also the size can be a factor, larger laptops generally have more space for cooling, but they are heftier to lug around.

Fortunately many reviewers measure the heat and check for thermal throttling so there should be no shortage of information on laptops as long as you know what model you are looking into. The number of configurations, including regional configurations, is mighty impressive.