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Stuck In Boot Screen :(

Level 7

Zephtrus GA503RM My Primary (the only) ssd is not bring detected. Still under warranty. But: I HAVE BEEN USING G HELPER. uninstalled all the other asus software. AND I was trying to install Pop os and used minitool partition wizard to shift unallocated spaces multiple times. But this probpem happened in the morning of the day in which I was trying to install pop os and did heavy movin g files around and stuff. Laptop was working perfectly up until day before yesterday no problems. Dual booted ubuntu 20.04 and windows 11. No issues at all. But now the ssd is probably dead and I am afraid or not sure my warranty will cover this. Will it? Is there something wrong with using g hrlper or dual booting (too many file systems will affect ssd life? Will it?) PLEASE HELP. ME GUYS this is my first laptop. Bought it after years of hardwork. 😞