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Some questions on Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

Level 7

I wanted to buy a laptop for University which I'm joining soon. I would like to do some programming work and some occasional college work like reading some pdf,ppt and some light work. I had a pretty weak laptop now and so haven't played demanding games in my life. Recently I have some preference to assassin creed Valhalla and rdr2 like open world games so wanted a gaming laptop. But those gaming laptops are too heavy and give trash battery life. I love to use laptop on my lap also. G14 is the best bet for me I have some questions related to it.

  1. How is the battery life on it

  2. Can we use it while kept on lap

  3. Can it run the mentioned game at 50 fps at medium settings? In my country India GTX 1650 ti with r5 4600h costs around 1050 usd while 1660ti at 1400 usd. Should I go for the 1660 ti if I want to play games very rarely at just 50 fps for max 1-2 hrs. Is 1650 ti usable for 5 yrs or so for light gaming. Also the 3050 ti model here is vry expensive nad not worth at all with 4gb vram at 1750 usd approx.

  4. Will the battery give me 9 hrs on idle or web browsing or pdf. Excel,ppt work

  5. How's the screen? I would love to read novels on screen for hours .

Also if you can mention any other laptop which is enough for my workload will be nice. You can ask me any more info if you want to.



Is there a specific model of the ROG Zephyrus G14 you're looking at specifically for most of the questions? The specific configuration may affect a lot of the answers!

Generally speaking though, I can answer question 2: The Zephyrus G14 can be used while on your laptop, especially since the hinge design on the Zephyrus G14 lifts the vents up a bit. But, as with any laptop and especially gaming laptops, make sure the vents have as much free-flow air as possible!

For question 3, a quick search online shows that the 1650ti will likely be able to play Valhalla and RDR2 at about 50 fps on medium settings, and the 1660ti should be able to hit 65-70, but there may be many factors that affect the specific performance. Please keep in mind though that the 1650ti and 1660ti are older GPUs (about 3-4 years old) so at this point they're not the most future-proof.

For question 5, the Zephyrus G14 has a nice IPS display, so you can expect good colors and viewing angles. As long as you're ok with reading on an LCD screen, I think it would do just fine! (I personally prefer to read novels either on paper or on e-ink displays if I'll be reading for a long time)