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Secure boot with BIOS Asus RoG Zephyrus

Level 7

Hi, I came up with a problem since last year where initially Valorant wouldn’t run anymore, because of this I did some research and found out that the error causing it VAN9003 could be fixed by “secure booting” the PC . Now, I’ve followed tons of tutorials online on how to do this but my BIOS even in Advanced Mode is in GPT and apparently I need to change it to UEFI in order for this to work, or, the option needed to secure boot won’t even appear. 

I’ve left some pictures down below on how the BIOS settings are currently looking, can someone please tell me what should I do next? Has someone else went through a similar issue? 





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Thanks for the screenshots and it looks like you are in the right menu and the correct setting in the first screenshot above under the security menu, so did you save and exit the bios to confirm secure boot is active after enabling secure boot control?

The secure boot state in the bios should be active after you get back into the bios after saving and exiting the bios settings change.

The bios backgrounds look a little different, but the steps to disable secure boot are in the FAQ below which may be the opposite if what you are trying to do if you want to check it.  Thanks and hope this helps.