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ROG Zephyrus Stuttering Problem

Level 7
've owned my Zephyrus since July of 2019 and in the beginning of July 2020 I noticed I was having issues running certain games. My computer can very easily run some of these games at 60 FPS or more, since early July I have been experiencing stutters that last 2-3 seconds and I get them every 15-30 seconds. I tried turning down my graphics settings for those games, but it does not really do anything. I first experienced it after I installed and played a game called FrostPunk, and I initially thought it was just that game. It runs at 60+ FPS but I would get lag spikes every 20 seconds or so. About a week later I started Rainbow 6 Siege up, a game which I had never had problems running, and the same thing happened. I would get into a game and it would be fine for about a minute and then my 60 FPS would drop to anywhere between 7 and 13 FPS. It would last a few seconds and then stabilize, but would happen about 30 seconds later. I decided to open the scoreboard when it happened one time and I found that I am also getting network lag with the hardware lag. When the lag spike happens, my ping goes from a stable 19 to a fluctuating 90-140 and then back down to around 19. I also get lag in Black Ops 3 and Satisfactory. It doesn't happen in all games though. I found that it doesn't happen in Overwatch, Rocket League, Factorio, Super Mega Baseball 2, and a few more. It seems like it might just be happening with especially demanding games. I do not know what to do and would appreciate advice or assistance. Is it a hardware, or a software problem?
I'm running a GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q and a Ryzen 7 3750H with 16 Gigs of Ram.