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ROG Zephyrus S17 overheating

Level 7

I have this constant problem with my gaming notebook/laptop.

It was already 2 times on RMA with the same problem, once they changed battery, next time it was repasting. But the problem stil presist, my CPU temperature is reaching 99°C sometimes 100°C while gaming....

What should I do next? Its still in warranty...

Level 7
Do you have the GX703 ? I had a unit where the liquid metal application on the CPU was a bad joke. The CPU DIE was not covered by Liquid Metal at all and this resulted very very bad temperatures. If you feel confident enought you can remove the Heatsink and take a look.

Hi, I have a very similar issue. I general as I'm posting on this thread. The Armoury crate is giving me 55C in the early morning(India).
While gaming the temperature rises to 95 C and thermal throttling takes place, giving me 20fps (from 120-250fps) easily. I thought it was a graphics issue, lowered y setting and it still takes place. Learned that it's about the physics of the game and not the graphics(lol).

I don't know if the cooling pad will be helpful since it has ventilation from above the CPU to back of the laptop. I don't know what are my choices here. I know I still have warranty to work on - but I would like to know all the options from you on this matter. I believe CPU thermal paste can be checked. Any more you want to reccommend?

Level 7
You can undervolt your CPU if you like by e.g. - 60mV. This will also help to reduce CPU temperatures. This can be enabled in the BIOS.