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ROG Zephyrus GA502D DEAD, black screen not boot logo

Level 7
Hi all, I seek your wisdom and guidance to attempt fixing my Zephyrus GA502D notebook, here is what happened:

The other day I was normally using the notebook, when logging off it started some windows updates and I left it doing its job,
The morning after, when i attempted to turn on the pc, nothing happened, no asus logo, no boot, keyboard unresponsive, screen black, power indicator on and well as battery, fans start up after a while. 😞

Since Warranty is over, before calling it a go I tried:

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the ram module
  • Unplugging the CMOS battery connector and draining the battery
  • Plugging and unplugging the battery
  • Checking the SSD

Situation didn't change, then I saw this post and others

It suggests a Bios update pushed via windows update might brick the machine, and the fix would be to dowload the right binary image, put it on a FAT-32 usb stick and press ctrl+home when pressing the power button, but there is a tweak, file must be renamed!

So I did download this
and unzipped the file (GU502DU-AS.306) , renamed it in various ways (GU502D.BIN, GU502DU-AS.BIN, GU502DUAS.BIN..) but it does not work! 😛

How should I rename the binary GU502DU-AS.306 ?
Do you think there could be some other way to resurrect the laptop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Level 7
To be clear I am trying something like this

but I don't think I have the right name for the file! 😛