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ROG Zephyrus G15 503 - Upgraded to 11 and now keyboard RGB won't change

Level 7
So I upgraded to Windows 11 and after a corresponding Armory Crate Upgrade I lost the ability to change my laptop keyboard rgb colors. The rgb effect is stuck in rainbow and it cycles through the colors. Nothing I can do to change that.

Its been past 10 days so I can't go back to Windows 10 without just resetting the entire laptop.

Any hope this can be fixed with an upcoming release of the laptop drivers or Armory crate?

Any fixes for this?

Level 7
I just bought a GA503QR last week. I did all the usual new computer software upgrades from Asus and Windows. After all that my keyboard was stuck on the RGB cycle until I rebooted not once but a few times. Now its back to normal but I'm still on Windows 10. It may not be a Windows 11 issue but a Armoury Crate issue.
Yesterday I almost clicked on the Windows 11 upgrade but I didn't as I want to wait a while.

Other than your keyboard issue how is Windows 11 in general?