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ROG Zephyrus G15 2022 upgrade questions

Level 7

Good day all.

I have a Zephyrus G15 laptop (2022 version). It's the one that comes with pro (GA503RW-XS91).

I'd like to upgrade it a bit and I was having trouble finding information. I understand the Mobo has 16 ddr5-4800 gigs sautered and 16 ddr5-4800 that can be swapped out. The information I found says it can support up to 24, as opposed to the home version that can support up to 40. Firstly, why is the home version allowed more RAM? Secondly, can I upgrade the external RAM to 32? Even though it will only support 24? Has anyone confirmed it CAN'T support 32?

Second question is about upgrading the storage. It currently has 1 TB of storage and I'd like to add more. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I read the upgrade guide and it states it is a M.2 2280 slot but does NOT support SATA SSD? I wanted to confirm with others that I cannot add an SSD as I've found conflicting posts online (although not for the 2022 version).

Thanks for the help!