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ROG Zephyrus G14 (2023) keyboard not working for about a minute

Level 7

I have read a lot of keyboard issues but nothing exactly like mine. Sometimes at random and about once a day up to once a week the keyboard stops working. It stop working completely, no response at all. It can happen at any time. Just when I'm writing text in a document or at boot so I can't write my Windows password. But I do not have to do anything, just wait and it will be working as normal again. The wait time can vary from maybe 10 seconds up to probably over a minute.

Recently when it stopped working at login I even tried to login using the virtual display keyboard but it was also dead! So it's not  a hardware issue. Again, just waiting it out and it starts working. As you can understand this is very annoying.


Level 7

This just happened to me.  I rebooted and it's working again.  Just purchased this machine 2 days ago...