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ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) LAGGY

Level 7
Has anyone else bought this laptop and is experiencing stuttering and slowdowns? It is unacceptable for a £4500 laptop to have any kind of crash.

Version 64GB RAM / 4K Display

Level 7
diogostefani wrote:
Has anyone else bought this laptop and is experiencing stuttering and slowdowns? It is unacceptable for a £4500 laptop to have any kind of crash.

Version 64GB RAM / 4K Display

Yes. If Video is playing in the touch screen, it will literally black out both screens. My suspicion is with AMD after reading a short article. There is a bios fix from AMD that is already out, or is on it's way. I'm still investigating. Something about fTPM memory transactions?? I have no idea what that is.

Hello all,

I bought this computer on October 2022, and the least to say is that I've had problems with it.

Shipped with Windows 11, the overall system was laggy at best, with After Effects and Premiere Pro just no working normally at all (really slow playback, delays on opening menus and items, etc) > a downgrade to Win Os 10 did the job to fix this.

Then the real problems began : very slow boot / no boot at all / full OS crashes (hard reboots needed to get out ot them), main screen that goes black and can't be turned on, laggyness.

As stated before all of these are not normal for a Euro 5000+ computer. Suffice to say there's not a lot of intel available on forums - especially this one. The fact that you have to wait to post a message, and more importantly that the forum itself was down for several weeks at least speaks for itself. I'm already fed up with the machine I thought was the best thing I could get. It's just another unstable system that I have to hope won't crash during a work session.

I've had to reinstall Win Os twice since, with full disk wipes, and I still have issues. I do know that the OS may be responsible for a large part of this, but again, at this price point, wouldn't one think that Asus got in touch with Microsoft to make the sure the system is properly working ? I think the second screen messes with the OS that is not suited for, well, a second screen.

Huge disappointment. I still don't know how to get the system stable and I'm forced to work on a 'temporary' setup, as I expect to be forced to wipe the disks anew in few days/weeks - not really helpfull, not really normal. I'm planning on returning the computer and ask for a new one, even if I doubt it is due to hardware issues.

If you have similar issues, please share them (if the forum is working, of course).

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Hi guys,

No complaints from my side. Seems both operating systems Win11 and Win10 which I've been testing few days are running well. For the time being I'm using Win10, seems a bit faster and less energy used. Perhaps in the future I'll switch again to Win11. Some new games also are running well, no issues so far. I'm very happy with the product, a nice improvement to the previous model DUO 15 SE which is also great. Regards!

After many months without following the forum I just came back and saw that there are people with the same problem.

Things I discovered about the problem:

1. Disabling the second screen makes the slowdown problem go away.

2. Disabling the ''Transparency Effects'' feature (SETTINGS/ACCESSIBILITY/VISUAL EFFECTS) makes the laptop work smoothly keeping the second screen active.

I was about to sell this laptop to buy a 2022 Razer 17'' 4K but after disabling the ''Transparency effects'' I feel I can keep it for a while longer.

However, my displeasure at buying the most expensive laptop of the time and receiving a ridiculous income in return is clear.

Level 9

Hi yes had some issues initially - mostly fps drops in games - could not figure it out for some time. Then re-installed Nvidia drivers from Asus support site and all was good after this. The problem was in fact Geforce Experience - it automatically installed new drivers, which for some reason do not agree with the Asus software from what I can see. My advice - stick to the Asus released Nvidia drivers....