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ROG Zephyrus 16 (2023) is the worst laptop I have ever owned. Video problems at least 3 times a day.

Level 7

I bought this pig 4 months ago for 4500 dollars and didn't try to daily drive it until after the return window closed. FIML

It only gets 1 hour of battery life watching youtube videos in windows. 

It gets so hot I can't keep it on my lap without getting burned. 

I get random video problems. It will shut off both screens at the same time and they go black but the sound keeps going in the background. The only way to recover is to hard reboot with the power button. This happens once or twice a day over an 8 hour work day. 

I get some freakout where the screens go black and then come back but I see like hundreds of i frames cascade into the background. The keyboard doesn't respond when this happens and the touch screen is not responsive. I have to hard restart to recover. This happens about once a day during an 8 hour work day. 

I have upgraded every driver, bios, and windows update. Its still a piece of ******. I went back to my surface book that is 3 years old as my daily driver. Has anybody else seen these issues? Should I RMA or is this just a ****** design?