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Rog Zepherus GX501 Swollen battery problem.

Level 7
The swollen battery thing has happened to me twice already. 1st one was 6-7months in when I notice my keyboard started to life and became uneven. Got it sent in to Asus RMA and got it repaired (tooks about 3-4 weeks to get my devices back and about $100 to ship it to facility. Repair was free because I was under warranty). I notice the keyboard became uneven again 5-6 months in and yup! is was the battery again. I just got my batter replaced again a year later since repaired and this time I was out of warranty. Got mine off of amazon for $80 or so and got it shipped within 3 days. Self repaired took about 2 hours or so if it wasnt for the repair service chipping one of the screws and I had to drill to get it out. (That was fun). All in all, this system is great! It can run minecraft! except for the only issue is that the battery life span seems to last about half of a year before you start to gamble your fingers/face/etc being blown off due to the battery. I dont quite understand how there isnt a call back for these devices yet. Maybe because one never actually exploded like the Samsung galaxy 7 Note .

This is none of the less a rant from me because the device at the time I bought it for $3k and I'm kinda salty. Down below will be two pictures of a comparison between a normal battery vs a bomb 🙂

PS: I'm too nice, maybe I should have let the battery explode and lose a couple of limbs or even my life just so I can sue and get money off of this lol (like the Note 7).
Hey, at least I can then pay off my student loans lol.

Level 7
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