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Rog z13 going slow and crashing constantly

Level 7

If I disable the Intel iris xe graphics card the slowness and crashing does stop. So I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel graphics card as well as installing an older version to no avail. I'm suspicious it may be the armoury crate so I have tried doing the same to that too but no luck. I am starting to pull my hair out as this is only a new laptop. Please help.


Note. It was fine when I first got the laptop. It wasn't until about early January it started doing it.


Level 12

In my experience with an Asus laptop, you have to avoid installing the MyAsus application, which messes up your system the most, as it imposes driver installations and even BIOS updates.

In your case, the issue is with the iGPU (Intel) driver, so you should restore the default, checked by Asus.