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ROG logo appears twice when booting up

Level 7

When switching on my laptop, ROG logo appears twice. First the ROG logo appears then black screen for 2/3 seconds and then again ROG logo appears and continues like a normal boot up, loading lock screen eventually. How do I fix this? The boot up time has increase because of this issue. 

Laptop: Asus Zephyrus G15 2022 
Ryzen 7 6800HS, RTX 3060



Level 7

Hey Asus Team,

Even I've got the same issue.
The laptop was functioning well until a month after purchase, later an update came in and this strange behavior kicks in.

Not only does the laptop boot twice but also it is not able to hibernate. If I press the power button for hibernate, it just kills of all the applications.
Please fix this.
Already tried a few tricks with the help of customer care, but has not worked.


Hello Asus team

I have been facing the same exact issue. I have tried contacting the customer care , they told me to reset the laptop by pressing down the power button for 40 seconds, the issue seemed to resolved after i tried restarting it. But when i did a complete shut down the issue was still there.

Kindly resolve this issue at the earliest.


Amit Momi

Level 9

I got a 2023 version and boot times are horrific. It's incredible, I have a 7 yo Lenovo that boots to loging screen in under 5 seconds. These machines which supposedly have an almighty platform are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD booting up, mine takes like 15-20s!!!!!

And you can't let it sleep either because thanks to the modern standby, it doesn't sleep, just stay awake getting hotter and degrading the battery. Even if you disable modern standby, my Zephyrus would wake up just because to do whatever and ends hanging himself up. And I've checked, got no wake timers active, and last wake event always return empty. Total win of a laptop.

BTW back to your original post, the reason you are seeing two ROG logos, the first one shows during POST, you can disable it if you want, and reduce post time from 3s (I believe that was the default) to 1s. The second one is the Windows boot logo, which is customized to be a ROG logo.

Hello ..

I even reinstalled windows on my pc .. for two days i thought that resolved the issue .. machine was starting normally for 2 days .. the third day the issue returns .. i thing the annoying part for me is that i am not able to undetstand why this is happening .. this just happens randomly .. the only thing i can understand is installing the armoury crate ..

And how did you disable your POST?

Oh I thought I had answered that. 

You can't disable POST per se, what you can do is lower the delay time

Go advance mode, and in the boot tab look for an option along the lines of POSTdelay, set that to 0. Also see if you have CSM enabled and disable it, as it can also add boot time.

Level 7

Even I Have The Same Issue The ROG Logo Appears Twice in Bootup

Fix The Issue Asus 

Level 7

Hey guys, I have a 2023 model and I am facing the same issue. The service center even replaced the motherboard thinking it might solve the issue, but after 2 weeks the same old problem came up. The Asus logo boots up twice, multiple blue screens of death while waking from sleep mode, random restarts while the system is idle, these are all the problems I am facing.

So after a bit of searching, I got a kind of solution. It’s working for me as of now, but I don’t know how long this will hold up.

  1. Completely disabled sleep mode and enebaled hibernation , as I think there is some issue with modern standby from Windows and the sleep states of our system.
  2. Disabled fast boot.
  3. Rolled back to BIOS version 311 from 315. I think this is one of the major causes since for me it all started after the first BIOS update. The system was normal until the first BIOS update.

Let me know if this works or if anyone has found any other solution.