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ROG Laptop GA503Q Random Sudden Black Screen while in use.

Level 7

I've had this laptop for about a year and half and about a half a year ago I noticed the screen would sometimes randomly go black on me and I have to restart to get the visuals to come back. Very rarely, sometimes I will be able to just shut the laptop and open it again to get the screen to come back online. However, usually this is not the case.

It definitely seems like an issue with signals/processing to the screen because the laptop will still be lit up and making sounds etc.

I'm not technically savvy but I looked around the net and saw similar issues.

Is there any possible solutions? It's annoying to have to restart my computer on average once every 2 days during operations. Even non-taxing operations.

Thank you for your help


Level 12

Is your laptop still under warranty?? I would suggest you sent it in.


How do you know if it is still under warranty or not?