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[ROG GX700] Keyboard layout - Swapping keyboard

Level 7

I recently noticed a very (VERY) good deal on the GX700VO in a french online shop. There is no information about the keyboard, thus I was wondering if the GX700 comes with different layouts or its fixed on US layout given that it is not a wide selling unit.
Also, in case I decide to buy it and it has an AZERTY keyboard, would it be possible to swap for a QWERTY keyboard by sending the unit to tech support and paying the labour and materials?

Thanks for the help

Level 8
How about just changing the Keys needed from another keyboard? And config the windows to the required keyboard layout?

For what I know what changes are the positions of A, Z, Y, M and some special signal keys. In terms of ISO Layout (European with the upside down L Enter Key)

Black Phoenix wrote:
How about just changing the Keys needed from another keyboard? ...

Hi BP,

yes I thought about it but switching keys I think will require me to open the laptop and thus loose warranty. Also the keys are backlit meaning that I'll also loose that function.
I considered also stickers but it'd look terrible and half-assed.

I guess I'll just stick with the azerty layout and use it as qwerty, or learn to use the way it is, if I cannot have tech support deal with it.

You don't need to, each and every key is able to be removed:

Level 7
use your cat's claw. it worked for one key on G752VY. lol

If your key base is in good condition, you just need to replace the key, if the key base is broken, you need to replace the keyboard.