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Ridiculous!!! Zephyrus Duo 16 GX650RX now won't boot even to bios

Level 7

I've had my Zephyrus Duo since 2022 and from time to time it would just randomly restart itself - often when idling or just watching YouTube videos - strangely never had a problem when actually gaming.  

However just a couple of dys ago the machine started acting up, just suddenly black screen shut down.  I tried to start it up again however, at first it wouldn't boot - I did the CMOS reset trick (power button for 40s) and then the laptop booted into windows. I thought ok, maybe I don't have latest firmware - went into MyAsus and updated to the latest System Control Firmware V3 as well as the latest NVidia graphics as well as other updates there to Aura Lighting.

Since then the laptop sometimes won't boot at all, sometimes after resetting the lights on the keyboard will come up (nothing on screen) and then after about 60s it will just switch off.  Now atm, despite how many times I reset the CMOS it doesn't seem to boot.

I've now got a brick of 3k GBP laptop that i've only had for just over a year.  Seems like it's out of warranty too - how's it possible that laptop of this calibre only has a a 1 year warranty??  I've been a loyal Asus customer for years too and while their ideas are great it seems like their software/firmware is often very buggy - see all these threads on the Zephyrus line.  Very angry, but also any tips?



Level 9

In the model website I only saw that they talked about a 12 month battery warranty and not the product warranty, did you see the 12 months warranty in somewhere else?

I would still try and contact ASUS for an RMA. Generally their warranties are 2 year.

Level 9

Did you ask on the Facebook duo page? It is posted linked on this forum.