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request: Please provide Strix GX502GW recovery media service OR eSupport Folder

Level 7
After replacing the nvme drive, I never thought of making a copy of the recovery partition and folder (in the image search I found a topic on the forum about a copy of the eSupport folder)

Thank you, I will be very grateful!:eek:

Level 12
Last ditch effort to restore your ASUS laptop to factory fresh configuration.

You can order ASUS Authorized Windows Notebook Recovery Media. Here's the link. It's not free but the service will restore your OS drive to OEM specs.

Good Luck
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Not sure if the eSupport folder will include everything you need for newer models these days since some files are only available through Microsoft Store (which will often include a link from the ASUS download site for your model when supported) or just not available through the eSupport folder and normal downloads, so you may want to try some other things too.

Switch to your region in the bottom left-hand corner if necessary, but noticed the GX502GW global download site includes an Armoury Crate download below that may help with the cpu speed issue under the 'utilities' folder if you want to look into it and be sure to click on the 'show all'.
If you haven't already, you may also want to check for updates through Armoury Crate to see if it will install it automatically for you.
Version V6.51.371.0 2019/11/079.36 MBytes

ArmouryCrate.Xtu Troubleshooting
Fix Armoury Crate unable to display correct CPU information on models with Intel CPU.

If interested, check the FAQ below about installing Armoury Crate which suggests installing "ROG Live Service pack" which is available under the GX502GW 'utilties' section if you have not installed it already.

Armoury Crate FAQ:

Not sure if the MyASUS software can help you install drivers and apps, but refer to the FAQ below about installing the System Control Interface driver and MyASUS software if you wish.

MyASUS general FAQ:

If you have original Windows what came with notebook - if you "Reset your PC" your eSupport folder will be restored after resetting. I did it yesterday and folder was restored. If you need my eSupport folder - I can share it, but better you just reset your laptop 🙂
I had problems with ROG Gladius2 mouse that came with laptop in Arory crate and some bugs. After resetting and just updating armoury crate - all started to work 🙂 Week of trying and work and now - all is excellently working 🙂