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Removing the Zephyrus G14 ROG (republic of gamers) logo from laptop case?

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Hey all,

I am planning to buy the Asus Zephyrus G14, but I want to be able to use this laptop in a professional setting without the "republic of gamers" logo in the case. Is this a sticker that can easily be removed or is it a metal plate that isn't easily removable?

The laptop is literally perfect for me in every other way, but if there is no way of getting rid of the logo, it is a deal breaker for me, as I cannot use the laptop professionally.

Thank you!

I haven't seen the version of the lid without the anime matrix. If you get the matrix model you can turn off the lights and it would be blank. I believe the non-matrix model has the same perforated lid, just without any lights so that would also work. If you're talking about the small rectangular one in the corner, it looks like a sticker to me but it's also small enough to cover with a piece of tape.

I've never held one of these so these are just my impressions from the coverage so far.
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You are right xeromist, there is a version of the G14 which has the perforations but has no RGB lighting (without possibility to enable it) and a version of the G14 which has the perforations and the RGB lighting (with possibility to disable it).

Here are some photos from a french reviewer who will allow you to see it without RGB lighting and a focus on the ROG rectangular logo :

Yes I'm talking about the little logo in the corner - it can easily be removed?

Bump - still need help with this

so ill admit i normally dont care to broadcast logos and some of them are overly in your face. But this one I think actually LOOKS PROFESSIONAL. its small , not flashy, doesnt light up, small and offset to the corner. it resembles to me one of those really nice briefcases with just the small badge on it. very classy.

if you must take it off, it is a sticker, its flush with the case ( not raised) and its made of aluminum. you will run the risk of damaging or scratching the case if you try to pry it off. Like someone said previously, if you have to remove it, just cover it with something. im sure your company has a logo, .... maybe that ?

other than that - its a pretty impressive laptop.


Sure, you don't have to remove anything. Just dont put on Anime Matrix.