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Recurring Power Supply cord failure with my GX703HS-XB99

Level 7

I have a GX703HS-XB99 that I've been very happy with since I purchased it (refurbished) in August, 2023... except for what appears to be a recurring problem: The ASUS power supply/cord requires frequent replacement. I am now shopping for my second replacement in less than a year, and at @$99/each this is not an insignificant outlay . The issue appears to be at the connection end of the cord, as rotating the connector cycles the battery/plugged-in status onscreen. As a temporary fix I can loop the cord around the USB plug for my headphones and it keeps it (nominally)_ in place, mostly. Replacement firmly fixes the problem. I'm thinking 2 (ASUS) replacement cords in less than a year is excessive, and belies a deeper issue. I do not consider my handling of the unit to be excessively rough, as it is usually only moved from my coffee table to my lap and back. Looking back through (several) forums I see I'm not the only one to have issues with this cord. Should I start looking for an aftermarket cord that is perhaps more robust?



Level 7



Can you put images of what you are trying to replace so it can help us in advising you.