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Question about ROG Zephyrus M16

Level 7

I just got an Asus Zephyrus for college because I need to run software for engineering which is pretty demanding on laptops. College is my primary focus so I don’t want to slow down my laptop by getting/playing any games despite it being a gaming laptop. Will me downloading a couple games to my laptop slow it down in any way or make it difficult to run engineering software? In addition, will it affect the longevity of my laptop? Thanks!


Level 11

Getting additional software, such as games, can cause performance drops in two ways. The more common way is when they are running at the same time as whatever you are actively using. If you try to run games while the engineering software is running, the laptop may struggle. If you run them one by one, not at the same time, should be fine.

The second way is by taking SSD space. This is mainly only a concern if the SSD is getting filled at 95% or beyond. If it doesn't get too full, there should be no noticeable performance hit.

For the longevity, any additional use would cause normal "wear and tear". If you use the laptop instead of another device or going out, the laptop's components get active. Gaming in particular can cause more heating and SSD use. Heat is a killer on batteries, even if you are not playing on battery power. SSDs have a limited lifespan in terms of how many times you can read and write to them before data corruption becomes a high probability threat.

It will depend on how strenuous the games you play are on the computer, how often you play, how good is the airflow/ambient temperature where you play (e.g. playing in Miami can cause more heat stress than playing Helsinki), how often you clean the radiators etc., but in general, from my personal experience, a laptop that might otherwise require some parts (e.g. battery) to be switched out to continue 'normal' usage in 7-8 years may get its lifespan decreased by active gaming to just 5-6 years. So there is definitely an effect on the longevity, whether the effect is significant enough for you is up to your personal preference.

Very often the significance is more to do with the design of the specific laptop in question where only time will tell. For example, I've seen laptops with hard drives (yes, old laptop) being located next to the CPU in a way that the CPU cooling worked well enough to keep the CPU cool, but would overheat the hard drive next to it. That meant the first component that would fail would be the hard drive and well before it would fail in a better designed laptop. But these design quirks tend to become apparent years after the specific generation of the product launched.

Level 10

Of Course doing both, cad/gaming will slow the pc. Try to find other software that is less of a resource pig than what you have. For instance:
Try to use - insted of Armoury Crate.
Use Just the Win Defender insted of norton/whatever because defend is there in the background reguardless. Also stop all unneeded services.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager
Click on the Startup Tab
See any non-essential items are listed there
If so, select and click 'Disable'
Close Task Manager

Click your Start Button, type msconfig and hit Enter
When the System Configuration dialog opens, click on the Services Tab
Check the box marked 'Hide Microsoft Services' to ensure you do not turn off any Microsoft services
In the remaining list, see any non-essential items are listed there, uncheck any you find
Click Apply and OK

Restart your PC